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TAI Robotic – Best Semi Automated Trading Software For Beginners

Free Spots are Limited
TAI Robotic – Best Semi Automated Trading Software For Beginners
TAI Robotic – Best Semi Automated Trading Software For Beginners
Free Spots are Limited

The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Trading Solution

TAI Robotic aka TAI Robotic Trend Indicator Software by Alex Knecht is a new trading system in the industry that has been launched recently and gain the attention of people from all around the world. Many people are hailing TAI Robotic Indicator Software as being the most advanced foreign exchange trading tool on the market today.

It is not secret that Forex trading, which stands for foreign exchange or the trading of currency pairs, is very lucrative. People can make really good money in this market avenue. But does TAI Robotic really perform well or is it yet another standard scam? Before you invest your hard earned money into it, please read this full and investigative review of TAI Robotic Software to evaluate the possibilities.

What Is TAI Robotic? – Long Story Short

TAI Robotic Indicator software is a very sophisticated type of foreign exchange trading tool created by Alex Knecht. At its most basic, TAI Robotic Trading Software is a fully automated trading service, a semi-automated tool, as well as a social trading platform. All of these aspects are wrapped into one big powerhouse of a Forex trading platform.

TAI stands for Trading Artificial Intelligence, so TAI Robotic allegedly uses artificial intelligence to generate trading signals. The best part, it is not just reliant on AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is also supervised by a team of trading experts who check the market for its “sentiment”.

According to the creators they are using the very same technology, which recently has been used into the car industry. Where a car can drive up to 90 MPH without a driver, forecasting all variables on the road. Pixels, that’s the key, those type of algorithms are forecasting all possible outcomes by reading the patterns.

This sounds too good to be true and we decide to investigate this trading software using our 5 factors to determine a SCAM.

Update April 7, 2020 – Our TAI Robotic Result, Click Here!

Update April 5, 2020 – TAI Robotic Community Result, Click Here!

Identity Check – Who Is Alex Knecht & John Doe?

According to the presentation video, Alex Knecht is the creator of the TAI Robotic Auto Trader, but it is presented to us by a paid actor named “John Doe” which is not his real name. Nowadays most of the software creators prefer to stay in the shadows. That’s why they create a fictitious character by a paid actor or stock photo with a fabricated name who present the software and claim to be the creator of the software. We never recommend these types of software to our followers. Because if anything goes wrong you cannot make a complaint to authorities for an anonymous software/creator.

But in case of TAI Robotic, John Doe CONFIRMS AND ACCEPTS TO BE A PAID ACTOR! He was hired because Alex, the real creator, could not perform in front of a camera. This fact caught our attention which is a very unusual, yet very honest and transparent behavior from the people behind the TAI Robotic System. Plus, Alex who is a software developer and expert on Artificial Intelligence, appears during the video explaining how he used to work at creating self-driving cars for big German concern, and how he developed the TAI Robotic System with the help of some of his friends. This cleared up our hesitation and considered by us as a very legit answer.

Endorsement Check?

Everyone who’s ever had the misfortune of running into one of the auto trading scams, knows how the promotional videos of such products focus on showcasing various images of wealth and luxury. Tens of minutes go into the listing of all the things one could buy with the hypothetical profits accrued through the promoted product. Yachts are shown, fancy cars are driven by the actors hired to push the trader, and some even go as far as to stick fake logos on a corporate jet rented for filming purposes. None of that happens in the TAI Robotic Video.

Promise of Gain Check – Accuracy and Profit

As per Alex Knecht, TAI Robotic is an automated trading software, uses a specialized Artificial Intelligence Algorithm that correctly predicts winning trades on the stock market. It can’t predict every trade, but the program is supposed to be stable enough to generate signals with an very high accuracy rate. But do we have any proof?

Fortunately Yes! We have made a deep research in Google regarding TAI Robotic and found that this trading software is highly reviewed and recommended on a number of reputable Forex websites. Please check below some of the Live Testing Results from other reviewers. Their results are positive and all are happy to recommend TAI Robotic.

TAI Robotic Software Objective Trading Performance Results!

Broker Check – Who Will Manage Our Fund?

What happens when you register? First thing you will have to do after registering is to deposit money with their recommended broker and the minimum deposit amount is at least 250 in either currency USD/EUR/GBP/AUD/CAD. This minimum deposit is not a payment for the TAI Robotic Broker or Software rather trading capital that will be used for making actual investments on the software platform. This is a common industry standard and we have no problem with that.

Our concern is, What brokers would our investments be handed over to? What are the credentials of those brokers? Is there any option to change the broker? All these questions demand answers! Fortunately TAI Robotic System have all the answer.

Unlike other automated software out there that use a limited number of brokers (no more than 1-2) these guys use quite a few and even provide you with an option once you sign up to change the broker that you have been assign. This feature is unfortunately uncommon among most trading software. But its probably one of the best. Allow traders to CHOOSE a broker they can trust and trade with.

Other than that nearly all of the brokers that they have listed are actually legitimate brokers and trusted by numerous traders. Not all of them are registered, but that does not always mean that a broker can be trusted or distrusted.

Community Check – What the industry says about this service?

Usually community opinion is the highest indicator for a trading app if its good or bad. Simply because if something bad the social media will be instantly flooded with negative comments about it and no one can stop that. That’s why before start investigating any trading software, we first give a good look at social media and search engine to see what other traders and bloggers are saying about it. We are glad to inform you that apart from the few sites that blacklist all new software, simply because they want to promote their own, everyone who matters is endorsing the TAI Robotic Software. Do not trust us, check below –

Binary Options Army
Binary Options Army
Fully Automated Trading

The bottom line is that TAI Robotic Indicator is the most impressive and high powered Forex and binary options trading tools that we have seen ever.

Binary Option Sheriff
Binary Option Sheriff
TAI Robotic is not a Scam

Given the results we have achieved, I would say that yes TAI Robotic is legit. We have been making 80% ITM trades very consistently.

Binary Options Spot
Binary Options Spot
HIGHLY recommended for new traders

The system is tested and proven as profitable. The community is fully endorsing the system, which is the most important in this case! We highly recommend this software as reliable investment tool for novice traders.

TAI Robotic

The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Trading Solution

Free Spots are Limited

We have done a thorough job investigating this system, and it seems like TAI Robotic is a legit software! As you can see, most reviewers have enjoyed great success with TAI Robotic. They also made videos, which can’t easily be faked, demonstrating how they made that money with the app.

So we have no shadow of a doubt that investors who decide to join in the TAI Robotic App will be amazed from its phenomenal capabilities and its ability to generate multiple trades from several streams of assets. We therefore going to open an account with TAI Robotic Trend Indicator and encourage you all to claim and to secure your free license with the TAI Robotic as soon as you can.

How To Sign Up With TAI Robotic Software

The registration process is extremely easy to follow and understand –

To get started first, Clear cookies on your browser by pressing
Then Click ➽ Clear All / Clear Now Button
This is very important because it will ensure that you will land on the most recent bug fix version of TAI Robotic Software and get successful synchronization between software and the broker account.
After you are done, Click Here to visit TAI Robotic Software official website. Watch the video if, you are not already familiar with the TAI Robotic System and Sign Up by entering your name & email address and clicking on the “Instant Access” button. Since the software is only available through friends and business partner-invitation, outsiders need to give their email address so that more information can be dispatched to their respective addresses.
The system will then reserve your spot and redirect you to TAI Robotic Members Page. There you have to continue the registration by entering rest of your details like last name & telephone. Then choose a password and click on the “Sign Up” button.
Once you are done, the system will check your IP to determine your Geographical location. If the service is available within your Country or Region, system will then assign the Best Broker for you and you`ll be redirected to your new broker.
There you have to finish the registration process and invest at least 250 in either currency USD/EUR/GBP/AUD/CAD but different brokers may have different requirements. This minimum deposit is not a payment for the TAI Robotic Broker or the TAI Robotic App but trading capital that will be used for making actual investments on the software platform. You can withdraw it any time, but remember to send the required documents to the broker in order to verify your account. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the software or withdraw your profits.
After you are done with the sign-up procedures, the invested capital will appear within your broker and software account dashboard. It means that you are ready to go! Now decide whether you wish to trade manually based on the TAI Robotic Signals or automatically by choosing the hands free TAI Robotic Auto-Trading option. Traders, especially beginners should only use the auto-trading mode of the software and the most conservative settings. For more Tips & Tricks click here!
Whatever You Choose, Trading will commence and you can start seeing your balance grow profitably. Please don’t forget to comment below with your results!
Update: Our Trading Experience With TAI Robotic?

TAI Robotic Software Trading Platform Review

After Sign Up we were assigned the broker 72 Option which we accepted and made our deposit $250. We have started trading on full auto trade mode the following day after verifying our account. It is always good to verify your account as soon as possible to make sure you don’t have any issues making a withdrawal, some brokers also won’t let you trade until you verify. Our trading hours was between 9am to 5pm UTC and trade size was 10% of our initial investment that is $25 per trade and these are our recommended settings for TAI Robotic Software. For more Tips & Tricks click here!

There are many automatic trading systems available, but not all are created equal. The largest percentage of these automatic trading systems do not give the trader any control over the settings that their system will use in performing trades on the investor’s account. But in case of Tai Robotic, you are given a number of options to limit the trading and trade amount in order to prevent your account from being drained of funds without your knowledge.

Below is a screenshot of the trading platform. Once you have access to the software which comes free, you will landed on this page.

Based on Money Management features, they divided their settings area into 2 sections – One is on the Left Sidebar and another in under Menu Preferences. In each section there are 3 main components. We have tested all of these settings and they are all very easy to grasp and operate. You have full control of your results without any real knowledge, even though you are using their signals. They offer you a door to truly experiment.

Left Sidebar Settings Area –

  • Trading Strategies – The software relies on two type of trading Strategies: High Frequency Trading technology and Correlation.
  • Risk Level – Risk Levels ensures that you get the best results. It directly responsible for the amount of signals you get per session. Obviously, fewer trades taken mean stronger trading signals on which the software acts.
  • Expiry time – From here you can set you preferred trading position between turbo positions (from 60 seconds to 5 minutes) and Long Term.

Preferences Menu Settings Area –

  • Assets Preferences – On Tai Robotic, you can trade from a wide range of currency pair and from here you can choose your preferred pair, you want to receive the signals with.
  • Trading Settings – In this section, you have Daily Stop Loss and Daily Investment options. By Daily Stop Loss, you can easily set loss limits so that software will auto stop on that limit. Daily Investment ensures that you control how much money software will trade/bid per day. By this two option you have always control over your funds.
  • Trading Amounts – Trading Amount ensures that you control how much money you bid per trade.

Our Result

Last 14 days we are using TAI Robotic in Auto Mode. Profits are quite promising. On an average we have received a winning ratio ranging between 84 and 86.71%. Daily profits it generating is between $110 to $970, which turn our initial deposit $250 into $6247. So far, we have never experienced such high grow for only 14 days of trading. Needless to say we are shocked, but also extremely intrigued and excited!

Try TAI Robotic Risk Free

At a glance, we have found below facts about TAI Robotic Trading Platform –

Result: 86.71% ITM, Click to Try Now
Trading Platform Review

  • Site Creation Date: June 19, 2017
  • Developer: Alex Knecht
  • Automated Daily Signals: 220+
  • Minimum Amount per Trade: $25
  • Signal Strength: 84-86.71% ITM
  • Personal Support Coach: No
  • Auto-Trading: Both Semi & Auto-Trading is possible and its bug free
  • Assigned Broker: Regulated and Reliable Brokers confirmed and synced
  • Social Trading: Yes, Social Trading is possible inside
  • Need Knowledge of Trading: No Previous Experience or Knowledge of Trading needed, just Activate Auto-Trading Feature and Make $450-$950 per day
  • Installation: Internet-based System, No Download/Installation is necessary
  • Members Support: Yes, 24/7 Full-Scale by Email at
  • Cross-Platform Use: Yes, Optimized for all devices - Android, Windows, Linux, Mac and Chromebook
  • Withdrawals: Easy 2-3 business day Withdrawals directly via Broker Or Bank as per Country Trading Rules
  • Availability: Everyone, Everywhere (except Israel & few states of USA)
  • Price: Free

How Much Money You Can Make?

This is a question, which cannot be simply answered. When we speak about trading every day is different every week and month also. Moreover, your potential profits are also determined by your trading capital. Obviously if you have higher budget you can be making more money but you`ll be also exposed to higher win-lose risk-reward.

Think for a moment if you trade $25 and win that trade, you’ll receive your initial investment ($25) back, plus additional winning payouts averaging $20 extra. Equaling a total payout of $45. Therefore with only a minimal 5 trades, anyone using the Tai Robotic can bank $100 pure profits. Ponder the endless possibilities if you extended your amounts to 10 or 15 automated positions in one day.

Also, If you decide to leave portion of your wining in your account and gradually increase the value of each trade, you’ll get larger payouts & more money! The point being made here is the possibilities are endless!

Verdict for the TAI Robotic Software

9.6 Total Score
No Nonsense and HIGHLY Recommended For New Traders

After research & test, its refreshing to find a non-bogus trading software containing high profitability potential. From our standpoint, TAI Robotic aka TAI Robotic Trend Indicator Software is NOT a Scam! We therefore encourage every new traders to open a trading account with TAi Robotic and start auto-trading to upgrade and update your monthly income!

  • One-Click, 100% Auto-Pilot Trading
  • Quick Setup - Begin Trading in Minutes
  • No Trading Experience Needed
  • Option to Work With Multiple Brokers
  • Secure & Safe - Automated Stop Loss
  • Spendable Profits TONIGHT
  • 24/5 Customer Support
  • No Offline Trade
  • Needs an Internet Connection to Work at All Times
User Rating: 9.79 (409 votes)

Want to join Tai Robotic Free Today? Click Here

Tips & Tricks For TAI Robotic Auto-Trading Software

1Profitable Settings – After initial deposit, once you login and open the trading platform you`ll notice a settings Button. By clicking it, you will landed on settings panel. You`ll be able to play with the settings but our recommended settings are –

  • Trading Strategies: All Active
  • Risk Level: Medium
  • Expiry Time: 60 Sec-5 Min
  • Asset Preference: All Active
  • Daily Stop Loss (USD): 50-100
  • Daily Investment: 100-125
  • Currencies Investment (USD): 10-25

After you pick the wanted features just Turn On the “Auto-Trading” Mode and don’t adjust trade amount before having 10x of your initial investment. Trading safely and wisely is usually the key ingredient for every trader’s success!

2Recommended Trading Time – 9am to 5pm UTC is considered to be the best time to trade because markets are volatile therefore you will have higher potential to generate more profits within this time frame. Also DO NOT trade on NFP days as markets are extremely volatile and unpredictable which could results you losing a lot of trades.
3Avoid Major News Events – In order to maximize your in the money ratio we strongly advise you to avoid trading during major news events also. We all know that algorithmic solutions cannot always forecast the outcome of the event because they rely on outdated information, and in some cases the released data co-relates with the forecasted one. That’s why we strongly advise you to avoid trading with any automated system 1 hour before till 1 hour after the news release.
4Auto Trading – Traders, especially beginners should only use the auto-trading mode of the software, and they should always use the most conservative settings.
5Bonuses – After fund your account, if broker rings you please DO NOT accept any bonuses or any extras that they offer! Don’t even waste your time listening to their long talk about how you can benefit from those extras. Why? The answer is very simple. Accepting bonuses from broker will lead to many issues when it comes to withdrawing money. The bonus will lock you into a volume of trades you will have to generate so that you may withdraw your money from the platform. This mostly equals to 20 or 30 times the deposit amount. Remember that bonus money is not your money, broker’s sales people are trying to trick new members into this to get their commission.

Every new software tries to bring out something unique with it. Some are genuine when they speak of novelty while others just spell out tongue twisters. With fancy sounding algorithm names (like 30 Day Challenge) and hyped up statistics, they try every tricks in the book to lure you. Once you are in their grip, they can constrict you and twist you in whatever way.

So for your own safety and to stay on the safe side of the industry, DON’T FORGET to check out our Blacklist Page It might prevent you from signing with scam trading bot!

Thank you for reading our TAI Robotic Review Scam. For further question and assistance, use below comment section. Help us spread the word by sharing this Review on your social network. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get all the latest updates and reviews like TAI ROBOTIC REVIEW TAIRobotic Software System Review TAI Robotic Trend Indicator App Scam Review Result


  1. It works. It just works. And it works beautifully, it’s almost magical to see how my account is growing almost every week.

  2. I can tell you, and I’m 100% certain, that the Tai Robot is the best investment app ever released. I’ve been using it for 1 month now with excellent results.

  3. It’s been only two weeks since I started with Tai Robotic Software and I’m already making more than my entire monthly salary.

  4. My account balance is now over $2800, and I started with $300 which was all I had to invest! I’m really really impressed.

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